Navayath (Bhatkal)
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To the vivid mind, Bhatkal can light up one's imagination with the rustic backdrop of the ocean, coconut groves and a calm wind blowing through scenic seaside topography. Bhatkal a small town in Southern Karwar District has the ability to conjure that effect every single time one thinks about it. The people of Bhatkal are basically known as Navayaths. The Navayaths speak a dialect called Navayathi. It is an amalgam of Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Marathi, Hindustani with Konkani as its base. Since Navayathi does not have its own script, Urdu (derived from Persian) is the script. The Navayath community has widely spread to regions around Bhatkal and many parts of India and the world.

The Navayath of Bhatkal represents a rich history of its natives – The Arab traders from The Persian Gulf namely from Yemen, Iran, Iraq etc., who were trading mainly in Horses Textiles, Timber, Gemstones and Spices, eventually settled on the Konkan Coast and contributed to the cuisine that is a ménage(combination) of Indian and Arabic cultures.

Arabic songs (Marhaba Marhaba, Marhabaya Noor Alaini .., Shafakathjuda bikamalihi ..) too find a place especially while leading the bridegroom to the bride’s place for the first reception. Navayath songs composed centuries ago can be heard even to this day. ‘Aikage Sayyanu’ (listen o! friends) continues to enchant our folks.

Food – has an intricate relation with the Navayath people, and cuisine from Bhatkal is just that. Rich is cultural history with strands of cuisine from The Arab world which eventually have blended with the local dishes of the land.

So let us introduce to you a part of Bhatkal and the Navayath people in the form of its authentic dishes that represents the food we serve. The riches of Vegetarian fare along with food prepared with Meat, Eggs or the fresh catch Fish from of the sea. A delightful Bhatkali Biryani, half-cooked in steam, is famous all over.

It is our pursuit to excite your taste buds and let your mind take the journey to Bhatkal.